… to worlds of pattern & beauty! (gr. 1-9)

What did you do in math today?

Engage students with the patterns and beauty of powerful math concepts, using a low-floor & high-ceiling approach.

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by George Gadanidis, PhD

Length = 3:40 [see PDF of slides]

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Get a free school-wide PDF licence of Math Travels.
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4 wonder-filled math worlds:
– Where patterns sing & dance
– Where patterns climb staircases
– Where numbers hide
– Where infinity fits in your hand
With activity prompts
– in English & French (more languages coming)
Experience math concepts & relationships across various representations.
– Teaching guide
– Coding puzzles
– Math stories
– Home connections
  • In English and in French.
  • Print & laminate for classroom use.
  • Print to send home.

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