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Math is big. Kids’ minds are bigger!

Life is full of wonder. And beauty.

Sometimes in unexpected places.

Like math.

And other school subjects.


We have been working with coding and with making in math classrooms and in teacher development for over 6 years and we are excited to share these Lesson ideas with you.



The Ontario and the Canada+ Editions have the same Lessons. In the Ontario Edition, curriculum connections are built into the Teaching Notes. The Canada+ Edition offers correlations to curricula in separate documents. The new Ontario math curriculum 1-8 incorporates coding and modelling within the Algebra strand, with applications across the other strands.

With a $4 teacher licence to one of the Editions below, you will receive all updates until June 2021. School and district-wide licences are also available. You may copy/share this material for your personal teaching with your K-9 students in classroom and in online/distance settings. The licence fees are estimated to cover our production/sharing costs.

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See our first issue ! With 7 wonders:

  1. infinity
  2. symmetry
  3. binary choice
  4. relative density
  5. rené descartes
  6. menelaus of alexandria
  7. you

You. Are. A wonder.