LearnX.ca is a research dissemination project, on teaching & learning about math, coding/making, AI and science.


How do we share wonder & insight so others may use it & also share it?


This website offers free, self-serve workshops, apps as well as several low-cost resources developed by the EduApps project funded by the Ontario Research Fund: Research Excellence, led by Ontario Tech University in partnership with Western University.

A condition of the funding is to transfer knowledge into application, to create and disseminate Ontario-based products and services as they relate to teaching & learning in order to benefit students and ultimately the Ontario economy.

When we collaborate with school districts in outreach or research settings, we share these materials at no cost. For other schools and school districts, the materials are available at minimal cost with revenue used to cover costs. Any profits are shared with the institutions, authors, and students who develop our coding and other apps, and support material, in line with institutional policies.

At the same time, we make many core ideas publicly available. See menu on the right.


“This looks pretty awesome! Thanks to you all for supporting teachers!”

“Great resources to take back to our class communities.”

“Check these out. Resources are amazing. Straightforward, easy to follow, and you’ll learn along with your students!”


Some of the background knowledge for this project comes from work supported by a variety of sources: