A teaching and learning resource for the new Ontario Grade 9 Mathematics Curriculum:
1. Teaching support — ready (40 p.)
2. Number — ready (80 p.)
3. Algebra — ready (80 p.)
4. Data — in progress
5. Geometry & measurement
6. Financial literacy

school-wide = $95
For about the cost of 1 textbook = a powerful resource for all grade 9 teachers + students in your high school.

individual teacher = $35
district-wide = $65/HS

Automatic updates as more sections completed.

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All proceeds from this book go to Western’s Faculty of Education for a new scholarship for Graduate Studies in Mathematics Education.

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Western’s Faculty of Education offers 3 graduate degrees with studies in mathematics education:

  1. Master of Professional Education: Field of Mathematics Education
  2. Master of Arts: Field of Curriculum Studies
  3. PhD: Field of Curriculum Studies
George Gadanidis

Grade 9 has always been my favourite year to teach. Coming to a new school, being in classes with students from other elementary schools, meeting new teachers … and this year having a new curriculum for all students … are a new start, a new opportunity to get excited about mathematics.

Each new school year is a chance to do better for our students and I am looking forward to at least occasionally co-teaching in a grade 9 classroom.

The curriculum addition of coding, tell a story, and a few big math ideas, opens new windows to see, teach and learn mathematics with surprise, insight and mathematical wonder. See this brief paper.

I have worked extensively in Ontario classrooms for many years, for outreach and for research, as well as a mathematics and computer science teacher, mathematics department head when Grade 9 was last destreamed, and district-wide mathematics consultant.

Some other experiences with Grade 9 mathematics: advisor to the Ontario Grade 9 curriculum writing team and lead for the background research for the Ontario Secondary School Reform.