• AI collection
    • 1 Teaching Resource
      1. AI for Humans
    • 3 Stories
      1. Meehaneeto
      2. Becoming Human
      3. AI Farm


This resource includes:

  • 1 Teaching Resource
    1. AI for Humans (coming soon)
  • 3 AI stories
    1. Meehaneeto
    2. Becoming Human (coming soon)
    3. AnImal (AI) Farm (coming soon)



  1. What is AI?
  2. Where is it taking us?
  3. Where do we want it go?


  • Hands-on activities.
  • Cross-curricular connections.
  • Discussion themes.
  • Critical perspectives.
  • Coding & making extensions

… coming soon



A wall has separated the Eleuseeto from the Meehaneeto for many, many centuries. But the Meehanneeto are back. What will the Eleuseeto do?

NOTE ON GREEK ORIGIN OF NAMES: The names in this story are playfully derived from the roots of Greek words whose meanings are in parentheses: Meehaneeto (machine); Eleuseeto (free); Panopteeto (all seeing); Pereegeeto (curious); Petateeto (flying). The use of “ee” helps with pronunciation. For example, the second author’s name, Gadanidis (Γκαδανίδης), is pronounced in Greek as “gathaneethees”, with “ee” pronounced as in “bee”, “th” pronounced as in “the”, and the accent on the syllable “nee”.

65 full-colour pages.

REVIEW: Meehaneeto is a graphic novel that creatively investigates the transformation of the Eleuseeto society after the introduction of technology and artificial intelligence. The Eleuseeto society in many ways mirrors our own. Technology has changed rote and labour-intensive tasks and how people connect with one another and access information. The people in Eleuseeto have more time, but how are they filling it? They have more social connections, but are they more or less meaningful? The story explores the potential social, economic and environmental consequences of AI’s unchecked development and uncritical use, like social isolation and behaviour manipulation. 
The learning resources at the end of the story prompt readers to consider how their data is currently being collected and for what purposes and how data collection relates to issues of privacy, ethics and democracy. The text and its teacher guide are powerful tools for use in the elementary and intermediate/secondary classrooms.


PDF – individual licence – $4


This graphic story raises issues of privacy in today’s digital world. There is a set of reflection, research & discussion questions in the last 2 pages of the book.

What might happen if agbots (agricultural robots) develop AI?
What will be their relationship to humans?
What might be the benefits or dangers?
The story is a retelling of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
The story comes with a coding app!!

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4 graphic stories to add wonder to students’ science learning.
Our 5th story, Broken Spear (about reflection), is coming soon.
See details below.

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Sailing on the Pacific ocean, the boat suddenly goes “bump” and stops.
How could that be?
And what could be done about it?

Science topics:

  • environmental science
  • pollution
  • the Great Floating Plastic Dump


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The Third Pig is not strong like his brother. He is not fast like his sister.
He is capable enough to build his house of bricks.
But a few of the forest animals tease him and call him names.
What should he do? What would you do?

Science topics:

  • simple machines
  • mechanical advantage
  • pulleys

Social studies topics:

  • anti-bullying
  • mental health


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Wolf tries to lift the stone to uncover the secret of life. But he can’t.
Will the 3 Pigs help? And what does science have to do with it?
This story comes with a coding app on relative density!!

Science topics:

  • density
  • relative density
  • buoyancy


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Arda slipped and fell into the creek while carrying the fire horn.
Now it’s winter and there is no fire to keep her clan warm.
Will the clan survive?

Science topics:

  • friction
  • invention


Our 5th story is coming soon!

Arda is spear fishing with Nana, but she keeps missing. What’s wrong? And what does science have to do with it?

Science topics:

  • refraction
  • light