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I want. To be. Like you!
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What makes you human?


Humans are storytellers. Can you tell a good story about one of the ideas in WONDER?

Story is not a frill that we can set aside just because we have developed a cultural pattern of ignoring it in mathematics. Story is a biological necessity, an evolutionary adaptation that “train(s) us to explore possibility as well as actuality, effortlessly and even playfully, and that capacity makes all the difference” (Boyd, 2009, p. 188). Story makes us human and adds humanity to mathematics. Boyd (2001) notes that good storytelling involves solving artistic puzzles of how to create situations where the audience experiences the pleasure of surprise and insight. Solving such artistic puzzles may not be commonplace in mathematics pedagogy and it may not always be easy, but the mathematical beauty that results gives so much pleasure.

Gadanidis, G. (2012). Why can’t I be a mathematician? For the Learning of Mathematics, 32(2), 20-26.