Math + Coding Teams, 6-10

(c) 2021 George Gadanidis

Math + Coding Teams is a teaching resource that offers a powerful way of engaging students to work collaboratively on math-related problems that may be modelled and solved using a coding environment.


  1. Finding Primes – with Scratch
  2. Linear Relations – with Python
  3. Estimating Pi – with Scratch
  4. Estimating Pi – with Python

What to aim for

  1. Teams of 3-4 students
  2. A non-competitive atmosphere among team members and teams
  3. A common purpose within and across teams
  4. Collaborative problem-solving where everyone contributes
  5. Everyone develops understanding with no team member left behind
  6. Exchange of ideas among teams with opportunities for cross-team visits
  7. Multiple solution methods by modelling problems in more than one way
  8. A culminating sharing of what teams did, learned, and wondered about

How to use this resource

Math + Coding Teams is designed as a teacher resource.

The resources for each Teams Task are organized into 2 sections:

  1. TEAMS TASK: The teams task is also available as a PDF, to be shared with students.
  2. SCAFFOLDING: A variety of scaffolding ideas to be used by the teacher, as needed, to support students in understanding and completing the above task.