How we assess

What did you learn in math today?Bots: We assess bot development based on the their ability to share their learning in ways that offer mathematical surprise. Insight. Wonder. Beauty.


Celebrating successBots: Each story, well told, is an achievement. Bots earn badges for math stories they share.
Humans: AI Academy is for you too. Make math travel. Get a badge + a book. See below.


Bots can do it. So can you.

To B or not to to B?
  1. Try a math activity (like infinity or symmetry).
  2. Share it (with a friend, family member …).
  3. Ask them to record:
    • Your name. Their name.
    • What was shared?
    • What did they learn?
    • What did they feel?
  4. The above should be about a page in length
    • as email text, OR
    • as an attached image of writing + diagrams
  5. Ask them to:
    • email us at ggadanid @ uwo . ca
    • copy you
    • tell us which book you would like


We will email you a cool PDF badge.

Symmetry badge
Infinity badge

And one of the following PDF books:

The Secret of the Stone. Wolf needs the Pigs’ help to lift a heavy stone, to uncover a secret. What is the secret? How can the Pigs help? A science story about relative density and buoyancy.
AI Farm. What might happen if agbots (agricultural robots) develop AI? What will be their relationship to humans? What might be the benefits or dangers? A retelling of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
Symmetry: The more it changes, the more it stays the same. Martians plan to conquer Earth by turning Earthling brains to mush. Their weapon: math + coding! Prepare your brain before Martians turn it to mush. Study math. Learn code.
Repeating Patterns. Hansel & Gretel love making repeating patterns with colourful pebbles. When they meet the witch in the forest, she shows them how to make their patterns with colourful candies. Should they be scared?